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Your Time is Valuable

I have learned many lessons through my life. As I get older I have really taken the concept of time much more seriously. Time seems to pass that much faster when you become a parent, and when you start to see your parents get older. Time is the one thing we spend but never get back. I started to question, is this worth my time?

Ask yourself: What do you value most? What do you need to make time for? Do the activities you spend time on nourish you? Do you make time for the most essential and valuable things? Do you say yes to all requests? Do you abide by time limits?

Taking a time inventory helps you begin to identify the activities that are important to you and the pace you want to live. Becoming responsible for our valuable time is priceless. Life is very busy for all of us and sometimes in the midst of the busy we fail to remember the value of our time. One of the greatest thieves of time is social media, endless emails, and other people's priorities. We can become stressed out when we are not attending to our own needs. Our actions and behaviours are not conveying the message that time is a precious commodity.

I know that not every minute of our lives have to be meaningful and filled with purpose but it would be great if much of it was. This is why it is important to discover what is meaningful to you. Some people spend too many hours working, with no end. Some procrastinate with little of their goals being accomplished. Some don't make time for family or friends, therefore it is important to know how you want to fill your time ensuring there is balance in life for everything. When we value time it helps us stop putting things off. It reminds us to prioritize and bring awareness to what we value most. When we manage our time efficiently, we have less to worry about. We have to decide in advance how much time you're allotting in your day to each thing, and be selective with it. For myself, I prioritize my family and health, so I structure each day for family and self-care like exercise or just sitting and taking a breath, doing what makes me feel good. These are a must that I built into my daily schedule. As I brought greater awareness to the way I experience time, I don't feel the need to rush or push and go faster. I choose to slow down and be in the moment. Once you take a closer look at where time goes, your pace and priorities are more likely to move in the world honoring yourself and time.

This lesson of valuing time became even more clear to me as a yoga teacher. Letting my students know that I value my time as well as theirs. If others see you don't respect your time, they won't either. I do this by being on time to start and end my classes. In regards to teaching privately I work not just around my schedule but the students as well, because we are all trying to find a balance in our busy schedules. As a yoga teacher, I emphasis how to focus and live mindfully not chasing time. When you operate your day with a plan which you decided on, it makes for a much more productive day, and your thinking becomes clear. Instead we are not running from one thing to the next making us feel depleted. Making good use of time doesn't mean every minute is filled or you're constantly working, it means being aware of your precious time and living intentionally. When we live this way it frees us from the cycle of longing for time, misusing the time we have and blaming the lack of time for our unhappiness.

Rachel xo

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