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Rachel Piccolo

Rachel's journey into yoga began from a deep-seated passion for an active lifestyle and a quest for balanced, healthy well-being. Over a decade ago, her first yoga class ignited an immediate sense of calm, sparking a transformative journey that continues to influence every facet of her life positively.


Driven by a desire to share this profound experience, Rachel pursued rigorous training, achieving certification in teaching yoga and specializing in Yin through intensive training. Her dedication and expertise led her to become a mentor at for numerous teacher trainings, guiding aspiring Teachers. Continuously expanding her knowledge, Rachel remains committed to evolving as an instructor through ongoing study and exploration.


Rachel offers a variety of classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang, and Prenatal yoga. Each class is imbued with a deep understanding of the body and mindfulness, providing a sanctuary for introspection and balance amidst the hustle of daily life.


With an open heart, warm smile, and a touch of humour, Rachel welcomes students of all levels, offering compassionate guidance to help them discover their own path to well-being.

Image by Katsia Jazwinska

From one Yogi to another 

While I have practised under many different yoga instructors over the years, I am drawn to

Rachel’s teaching style for many reasons and I have improved under her guidance. She accepts

each individual’s unique body and strives to adapt her classes to each individual’s level of ability

and awareness by providing modifications as required. She is very knowledgeable about yoga

form and is careful to ensure her students don’t injure themselves. At the same time, her

classes are difficult, and she will push you to use your athleticism, but then also varies her poses

and stretches to prevent injury. Her style and her personality are genuine, and she will

sometimes share a personal anecdote that shows her humility. There is a blend of physicality

and inner work in her classes. It is easy to listen to her voice guiding you through her well-

planned and novel sequences along with her accompanying music. I am so thankful that I

found Rachel to guide me in my yoga practise.

- Deirdre Beckerman



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