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Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Recently, I made a decision to get out of my comfortable and predictable routine

and get uncomfortable.

As a yoga teacher I profess to my students about the need to be with what is uncomfortable, to live intentionally and to build tolerance and resilience to achieve growth. We practice this on our yoga mats but the challenge is to translate this off the borders of our mats and into life and relationships. My decision to leave a studio I taught at for many years was a hard choice for many reasons, but the main one was the unknown that something outside your comfort zone brings. The cozy routines that we are accustomed to on a daily basis can become the chains that keep us from growing. I get it, comfort zones bring a level of safety and control that change cannot afford us. For me, the realization that change was needed was not overnight, it brewed for a while, keeping me up at night, and consuming my thoughts while the sun was up, but at the root of my worry it was obvious that I was becoming too comfortable. That this comfort was starting to be my biggest growth hindrance. That my journey as a yoga teacher had hit a glass ceiling. I could see the advancements I wanted to make but was unable to reach them from where I stood.

Changing your story is emotionally difficult. There is a feeling of doubt and uncertainty, continued mind games you play with yourself, questioning your decisions and enticing you back to the comforts of your known. Yet, there is also a feeling of excitement, a sense of release; letting go of the old and finding your new. I chose to become selective, prioritize and revolve my life around my passions and not someone else's.

Change isn't simply an important aspect of life, it is life itself.

Your mind and body are changing every second of every day. Through our life we have encountered numerous people and experiences that have shaped our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and choices. We don’t possess the same consciousness as our younger self. We are all evolving, some more quickly, some slowly and some with more awareness of the process. As a lifelong learner you evolve more rapidly and recognize that evolution is a critical process to step into our power. To move closer to living your best life with intention you need to evolve, and continue to change, not cling to who you were or your past stories. Integrating these ideas into my life is challenging and an ongoing process but I chose to take on experiences that will further my growth and open me to further evolve.

With everything I have learned through this continued process I challenge you to take time and consider where you can stretch towards new challenges. Describe it. Envision it. Do it.


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