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Define Balance

Living a balanced life has a new meaning as of late. Not long ago we were living in a relatively fast paced environment, juggling between work and home, trying to fit in our health and fitness expectations, adding on relationships and their demands ontop of the already busy schedule we are working with. Overnight, all of the hectic, fast paced expectations came to a halt and this sudden forced pause has allowed us time to reflect on our beliefs and opinions of what it means to live a balanced life.

Have you ever looked up the definition of “balanced lifestyle”? Before all this change, I never thought there was much need, but it rather interesting to see what our expectations are in comparison to the true definition.

Peace and harmony, in regards to physical, emotional and spiritual self.

For each of us peace and harmony in these areas of life may look different, there is no right or wrong answer in how you define this balance. Everyone’s body and mind responds differently to experiences, emotions, stress, joy and so many more factors. What is crucial is finding the right balance for you, based on what you enjoy and what is important to you. There is a minefield of information on this topic and it can be confusing and contradictory. If you're browsing on social media for instance, looking at everyone's unique feeds might lead you down a garden path of comparison. Looking at travel photos, perfect workouts and smiling faces. You might find yourself questioning your own lifestyle choices, feeling like you are not “enough” or up to par with this perfect definition of balance. In reality this could be nothing farther from the truth. If travel defines and fill up one person, then ice cream on a comfy couch in PJs may be another's dream. Finding this perfect medium, this equilibrium is where balance meets reality. Here are a few gems I want to bestow on you, keep these in mind while you strive to find your new definition of balance:

● Take care of yourself. Get rest, eat well and exercise (something you enjoy doing).

● Be organized. Have a schedule each day to allow you time for tasks to get done and keep time for activity you want to do, like spending quality time with family or friends.

● Set small doable goals to achieve.

● Take time just to clear your mind and consolidate your thoughts, sit quietly and meditate.

Once you start taking small steps in changing what is not serving your life’s purpose you will find better equilibrium and maintain better balance. Making small adjustments over time is the foundation you need to create peace and harmony. In your quiet times think about all the beauty in this world. Think about all your blessings. Be kind to yourself, you're doing your best.

Take a deep breath.


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