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Emotional Check-in

Take a moment right now and get a sense of how you're feeling? My heart is beating a little quicker and my stomach is knotted and I feel a sense of fear and anxiousness.

Presently, our emotions are running high, up and down throughout the day given the current situation of Covid-19. This is normal. Take a long breath in and Exhale it all out. Through my years of practice I have been observing my emotions and how they are very natural, some are from past deep wounds, some are constructed from personal, society and psychological influences. This is very complicated.

In regards to Covid-19, our flight, fight and freeze response is working overtime, raising our stress levels, adding to our emotional roller coaster and taking away our clarity about the situation at hand. In response our bodies are giving us feedback and it's important to check in with the feeling body. The degree to which we feel the lows and the highs is through the practice of awareness. These difficult emotions, these turbulent times can be a greatest guide. There can be a great depth of understanding and wisdom about ourselves, in turn fostering changes and growth. We can find more compassion and move deeper into our hearts. Instead of living a concept of life we are now living in the moment discerning what is truly important.



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