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Support for the Life You Want

We are at the beginning of the end as Covid bans start to lift and life starts to open for us again. Some of us are feeling optimistic and ready to go back into the world and others the complete opposite. We have to once again adjust, refocus, re-examine our situations. Our values will change, our habits, our homes and relationships will require adjustments under these new circumstances. Our mind’s will dwell on the “what if’s” and the endless cycle of overthinking and over worrying that consumes us with the uncertainty and fears. Most often this is because we need to feel in control and right now we don't have control of many things. For myself I am considering how comfortable I am teaching in a class environment, even with safety protocol. What does the future of a yoga classroom look like? I have to re-evaluate my future goals and plans. The goals I had prior to Covid look different now in this new reality. My first step is to examine and define my values. We can ask ourselves, “What do you want for your life? How do you want to feel? What sort of life will allow you to feel at peace and safe? This might mean we have to eliminate and change what we do in many facets of our lives and make new habits that support our new needs and expectations. I know that I must do what I love to do and that is teaching yoga. The where and how are going to be different in order for me to feel safe in our new world. We have had a long time to pause and take a back seat, to take a deep breath, and now we can take new actions that continue to ground and support our plans. We know that we have the ability to adapt and learn and we definitely have strong work ethics. We are ready to get started and to focus. The first step you take is the most important one, it's like laying down the first pieces to structuring your own internal puzzle. Although, the first one doesn't lead you exactly where you need to go, all the ones to follow will start to help you in the life you're creating. Take one small step each day, each week, each month, whatever works best to support you and the life you want.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

Rachel xo

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