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Supporting Our Critical Components

I am going to geek out on you a little here but for good reasons.

With so many of us worried about our health these days and searching for more information on how to stay healthy in a time of so much change, we are bombarded with so many new and "improved" recommendations on instagram, from friends and family too. Supplements, diet, fasting, juicing, keto, carb-free and the list goes on. It is surprising there is not more talk about critical component of our immune systems- the lymphatic system and how we can support it.

Lymph nodes are little immune hubs found all over our bodies. There are hundreds from fingertips, arms, head to feet, even running deep between the lungs and bowels. These small structures are like filters fighting off infections and bacteria, all the contagions we are

exposed to daily. These lymph vessels are not like veins that carry blood but instead carrying a watery clear fluid called lymph outside the bloodstream and in our tissues.

We can target these influential lymph nodes through our yoga practice. Yoga aids in

the circulation of these lymph vessels with smooth muscles and skeletal muscular

contractions, basically moving our bodies. Deep relaxed breathing into the belly with the

diaphragm pumping, helps move the fluid. The numerous twisting postures that support the

pressure of the deep abdominals promotes lymph flow. Lastly, the inversions we take

working against gravity to assist in a pathway for fluid to arrive in important areas of the


It is important to understand and have knowledge of these critical systems. Keeping this at the core of all of our health decisions. diets, fasting and suppliments can only assist us for so long. There are many elements of a yoga practice that support our overall well being and

its ok to geek out and realize what an amazing practice this is. Even more reason to love

what you're doing.



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