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The Art of of Surrendering

Some days I get a feeling of anxiousness and anger, when things are not going as I planned or envisioned. My mood changes and my mind starts to analyze and assess how I can fix this situation.

What am I doing wrong?

Why is this happening?

There are always those triggering situations or people that set you off. I especially feel this way about my teenage son. Of course, like all teenagers they know how to press the right buttons. The last few years I have had to really practice the art of surrendering. Don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I give up my important role of parenting. It means I had to stop the war. The war of endless fears, and the war of constant need to control. These wars are what creates the resistance, internally and externally, and have a huge ripple effect in our lives. The more I fight these wars, and this pertains to all facets in my life, the more I am pushing away the very things I want most. I am going against the current, the flow of the universe.

Thankfully, my yoga practice, especially the practice of Yin has taught me so much about myself, but one of the biggest gifts is the art of surrendering. Like on my yoga mat, surrendering gives you time to take those extra breaths instead of holding it in. It gives you some space to figure it out by observing and reflecting. This allows you to stand back and get clarity.

Ask yourself: What are the beliefs or stories that are fueling this need for war?

Surrendering is the softer approach instead of the heavy hand or the preparation for battle with full armour. When you surrender it can give a sense of peace, allowing you to let go, not giving up or holding on so tight. Surrendering is trusting yourself and the world that everything will flow in life the way it's supposed to.

“When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.”

- Gabby Bernstein

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