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Upside Down

Lately life feels upside down. None of us wanted this or could hav e expected it, but here it is. It takes a moment to refocus and recalibrate when you're physically in an inversion and there are many benefits to this for our body. Usually when we go upside down it's through our choice and we can control it and the duration. Although, when it's not our choice and the world is completely upside down, this creates another array of feelings and unfortunately not positive. It feels scary when we can’t control a situation and we feel we don't have real knowledge of what is happening, a feeling of being in the dark. Just like when we practice yoga and our first attempts of going upside down, there is a change of perspective and getting out of our comfort zone. This is really di&cult. It does get easier and eventually we are upside down, holding steady and with a whole new view, feeling confident and stronger in our abilities. We have to realize that as humans we adapt and get stronger through challenges, that is part of our evolution. How we navigate through uncertainty teaches us to be more )exible, patient and tolerant. These times when life has us upside down we have to trust in a process that is unfamiliar and remain optimistic that we are strong and will find our way to feel grounded and centred again. Trust and have faith.

With love, Rachel

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