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Welcoming Peace

As humans we suffer when our attention is locked on painful thoughts, we are worried about the future, or thinking about what we should have said or done. We unintentionally create a lot of needless suffering. We can't shift our external environment but we can shift ourselves. We are unaware of what grabs our attention consuming our every thought, unless we consciously take a look. Those feelings and thoughts that lock us might get mistaken as our reality, which most of the time is false.

I realized some days I am on a roller coaster of different emotions and most days I

feel even tempered. Most times I am not happy but just even, not elated or excited but not sad or angry, just there. This was a huge revelation for me that I discovered in my

observations. The second revelation I had is it is normal to feel this way. To be happy and positive all the time was one of the expectations I placed on myself. Yoga teachers are not always zen and happy even if it is in the job description. This is being human; it is the way our brains were designed, as a protection feature. Realizing that it is okay not to be happy all the time made me feel a little lighter, a weight off my shoulders. This alone helped me to shift to a more peaceful state and what allows me to feel equanimity.

I would love to share some ideas with you that may help you feel peaceful and calm.

There are many ways to find a more peaceful presence especially on the days when

it seems far from. Taking a moment to pause, just sit and be quiet to reflect, and

acknowledge what you're feeling, especially in the days you're ready to explode is the first step. This will help you create a U-Turn to how you're reacting and give you time to respond differently. The second step is starting to notice any commonality to what brings you into a negative spiral. Notice your thoughts that turn to feelings which motivate your actions and a physiological response. The more I begin to see and understand my patterns the less extreme the emotional flare ups and more peace replaces it. There is a popular phrase amongst the yoga community

“What you resist will persist”

Whatever you're avoiding, pushing away, bottling up, or ignoring will grow in strength and magnitude. We have to face it head on and be present with the experiences. It is also important to remove yourself from the extra drama and people who feed off it, such as the gossip, the judgements, and the drama seekers. We all know someone like this and it is necessary to set boundaries. Clearing space in your life extends to decluttering your home or workspace. This has a huge calming and peaceful effect on our mind reducing mental and emotional noise around you.

Furthermore, creating good habits that positively affect our moods. Doing things we enjoy and surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good can also help. When you try all of these methods to create peace but still cant’ find it, be patient and compassionate to yourself. Stay committed to the idea we can all have a sense of peacefulness and we can shift ourselves. Sometimes it takes not just the one big deep breath but multiple repetitive attempts. We are not defined by unhappy thoughts and feelings. We can let them go and life can unfold peacefully.

Rachel xo

To help stimlate inner peace, listen to my complementary audio meditation: Welcoming Peace located on the Practice Together page. This session is available for a limited time only.

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